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Whether you're brand new or a veteran of home-based business, lead generation is the life of your business. When you buy Biz Opp Leads, you want to get the freshest and the best quality leads available!

To do that, you've go to go to a reliable source. Direct Media Group has been the leader in Biz Opp Leads for over 10 years. All of leads are generated from a series of websites online. We use marketing to drive traffic to those pages by Search, Email, PPC and banners.

You decide the type of Biz Opp Lead that suits your need. Real-Time, Survey or Aged. All perform well depending on your budget.

Real Time Leads

These premium quality leads are delivered to your email the second they have expressed an interest in a home based business! These are by far the best recruiting leads on the market today.

Surveyed Leads

Surveyed Leads are the same as our fine quality Real-Time leads, but they come within 24-96 hours. These are ideal for calling as well as emailing. These leads are delivered all at once via email.

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