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At Direct Media Group we have been generating debt leads for more than 10 years. With so much experience it is easy to see why our leads are some of the highest performing leads available. Our focus is to provide our cliental with leads that have a legitimate interest, easier to close, and are affordable.

The debt leads we generate have a minimum of $10,000 in unsecured debt and want to be contacted by a professional.

Delivery for our Real-time exclusive debt leads can be by email or post. Some filters are available. Experience the difference of what a quality debt lead can provide!

DMG Guarantees that each lead is:

  • 100% EXCLUSIVE - we will not sell a lead more than once!
  • Contains valid contact information.
  • Has a minimum unsecured debt of $10,000.

Whatever the volume, you can count on Direct Media Group to deliver consistent and reliable lead flow.

Sample Leads:



Name: James M Trile
Address: 7111 West Front St.
City: Knoxville
State: TN
Zip: 62223
Home Phone: 618-397-5119
Work Phone: 618-971-5782
Best Time: Afternoon at Work
Total Debt: $30,000
Creditor 1: mbna america
Amount 1: $10,552
Creditor 2: Visa
Amount 2: $5683
Creditor 3: Discover
Amount 3: $5775

Name: Martin Buffer
Address: 492 Ryan St
City: Duluth
State: MN
Zip: 55602
Home Phone: 218-559-8589
Work Phone: 218-558-3494
Best Time: Afternoon at Work
Total Debt: $30,000

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