“Live Transfer” Debt Leads (TV/Radio)

Live Transfer Debt Leads (TV/Radio) produce the highest ROI of all the leads we generate. Bold statement, I know.

Direct Media Group (DMG) is proud to offer “Live Transfer” Debt Leads. As a debt professional, you require a lead that is easily contactable and has a legit interest in your product. Live Transfers provide that type of lead to you. Every lead is 100% contactable and is wanting to talk to you, guaranteed!

How It Works

On any day we have hundreds of commercials running to generate the quality calls you desire. Each call is considered a “Live Transfer” and is directed to your phone number. Don’t worry about being overwhelmed with calls. We have a distribution center that evenly matches the lead with the proper customer.

To get started you select the volume you want to purchase and times you want to receive calls. We setup the rest!

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